Who can be treated?

Most people who have a sweat problem that affect their lives will be able to benefit from the MiraDry® treatment. Whether they meet the criteria of having hyperhidrosis or feel like their unnecessary sweating interferes with their lives is not important. For some, even a minor pit stain on their clothing poses a problem. Some are bothered mainly by odor, and not necessarily a large amount of sweat. All these problems can be relieved by MiraDry®.

More than twenty percent of the population feel negatively affected by by their underarm sweat in their every day life.

For the many people whose sweat problem is a factor in everyday life, and affects the choice of clothing, the use of hygiene products and deodorants, there is now a permanent solution.

Get rid of the sweat stains once and for all, as well as the need for pads in the clothes! Many end up never having to use deodorant / antiperspirant again!

Everyone can be treated with MiraDry®, EXCEPT:
  • Patients with a pacemaker or other electronic devices
  • Pregnant/nursing women
  • Patients that need extra supply of oxygen
  • Patients with severe heart or lung disease
  • Patients that have had operations in the axillae or that have had radiation therapy in the area
  • Patients allergic to local anesthesia

    To determine if MiraDry is the right choice for you, the doctor will examine you at the pre treatment consultation and evaluate your options

MiraDry® internationally

  • MiraDry has been used in large parts of the world for quite a few years, and is popular in the United States, Finland, England, Holland and Scandinavia
  • So far more than 20.000 treatments have been done
  • The treatment is FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved

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