Before the MiraDry® Treatment

The pre-treatment consultation  before the MiraDry® treatment includes a discussion with dermatologist  Lisa Secher, where we talk about your sweat problem.  Your armpits will be inspected, and a sweat test (iodine starch test) is performed, if necessary.  At this consultation you can get the answers to any questions you may have, and the doctor will decide whether you are suitable for MiraDry® treatment.  The pre treatment consultation usually takes about half an hour.

4-6 days prior your treatment you should shave your armpits, so that the hairs have time to grow to the correct length by the day of the treatment.

If you are unsure whether the  MiraDry® treatment is right for you, read more about “Who can be treated?” Or be contacted by a specialist Lisa Secher for an informal conversation about your challenges with dealing with sweat.

Afklarende samtale med speciallæge Lisa Secher hos klinik SVEDfri

Pre-treatment consultation with dermatologist Lisa Secher at the clinic SVEDfri (SWEATfree)

MiraDry® svedbehandling foretages af speciallæge Lisa Secher

MiraDry® Treament is performed by dermatologist Lisa Secher

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