Treatments for excessive sweating

Treatments for excessive sweating and body odor has until recently primarily been by the use of antiperspirants, frequently in combination with with aluminum chloride (like Perspirex).

The doctor may prescribe drugs that inhibit sweat production, but often these drugs have many side effects, for example poor vision and effects on digestion. Previously operations were common, but these are ​​now rarely performed due to the risk of side effects. An especially frequent side effect is compensatory hyperhidrosis, which means that subsequent to the treatment sweat is produced excessively from somewhere else, making the operation less attractive.

The most popular treatment for hyperhidrosis is botox injections. These are effective but typically must be repeated every 6 – 7 months for life, as the effect is short. Further, botox doesn´t seem to significantly help with the odor problem.

MiraDry® has been used for several years in the United States with great success. It is also currently being used in most of Europe, including Scandinavia, but not in Denmark until now.

PoorDaily use
Toxin A
Temporary – requires ongoing treatments to
maintain effect (mean duration of 6.7 months)
using a fine
SurgeryTechnique dependentPotential complications and risk of surgery
MiraDry® Treatment✓*

* Local anesthesia

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A regular deodorant is simply a perfume used in the armpits. Unfortunately this can cause contact dermatitis in the form of perfume allegy, and most dermatologists recommend avoiding products with perfume in the arm pits.

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