Effects and side effects


Typically, a marked effect on both body odor and sweating right after treatment is completed, and the final effect is achieved at the latest after 3 months. A second treatment may be required, but is uncommon.

The vast majority are satisfied with the results after just one treatment.

The eliminated the sweat glands are not restored.


Common side effects at or near the treated areas may last from a few days to a few weeks, unless otherwise stated:

            • Swelling in the treated area (1-8 weeks )
            • Soreness, discomfort or tenderness of the treated area (2-3 weeks)
            • Altered sensation in or around treatment area (1-12 weeks)
            • Redness from device suction (few days)
            • Bruising at the injection sites (few days)
            • Temporary bumps or lumpiness in the axilla (4-6 weeks)
            • Partial underarm hair loss (long-term)
            • Odor reduction

Less common side effects:

              • Swelling in adjacent arm or torso (lasting approx. 1 week)
              • Hyperpigmentation (up to 8 weeks)
              • Soreness in arm or shoulder due to procedure positioning
              • Numbness or tingling in the arm due to anesthesia (lasting under 24 hours)
              • Shaking due to epinephrine in anesthesia (lasting under 24 hours)
              • Tight band in the treated area (up to 8 weeks )

Rare side effects:

            • Compensatory hyperhidrosis
            • Small blister/ulceration or rash in treated area
            • Temporary altered sensation or tingling in forearm or fingers
            • Weakness or pain in arm or fingers that gradually goes away
            • Pain in the underarm requiring prescription medication
            • Burns
            • Infection, abscess/ulcer

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