MiraDry ® – FAQ

Who can be treated?

Everyone except pacemaker users, pregnant women, women nursing, patients previously operated in the armpit and patients with severe heart and lung disease. However, the doctor will determine whether or not you are suitable for the MiraDry® treatment to help your axillary hyperhidrosis.

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How long does the treatment take?

The treatment itself typically takes two hours.

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Does it hurt?

No, but the local anesthesia may sting a little, and then there may be swelling and slight discomfort in the area for a period, typically a few days.

Does the effect last?

Yes. They destroyed the sweat glands can not grow back. Many end up no longer having to use a deodorant or antiperspirant.

Should I opt for botox or MiraDry?

For the treatment of underarm sweat the effect of Botox is only temporary and it lasts on average 6-7 months.

MiraDry® provides a lasting solution to the problem in typically only one treatment. At the same time MiraDry® work on both the odor problem, as well as sweat volume where botox primarily reduces amount of sweat.

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Can I go to work?

It is recommended to take the rest of the day off after the treatment, as the area is to be cooled regularly with cooling elements. Most people go to work the next day – perhaps taking some mild over the counter painkillers.

Can I do sports afterwards?

It is recommended that you take it easy for a few days after the treatment of your sweat problem.

How quickly does it work?

The effect starts as soon as your treatment is over.

Where does the MiraDry® treatment come from?

MiraDry® treatment comes from California and was developed by Miramar Labs. See more on www.miradry.com

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